Alien Technology. Robotic Precision. Human Emotion.

The sound of ProtoShredanoid is as vast and mysterious as the cosmos. From alien soundscapes to heavy progressive space metal, blazing technical shred to intimate ethereal jazz, ProtoShredanoid’s sound and guitar stylings are instantly recognizable.

While incorporating extraterrestrial SFX, unearthly synths, otherworldly harmonies and rhythms from the depths of space, there is still an inexplicable humanness, spirituality and organic soul present in the music.

“Answers come, all is known
When above, we may roam
Galaxies, time unknown
Kindred spirits, finally home”

ProtoShredanoid’s music tells of interstellar travels and the law of balance

The Primary human component of ProtoShredanoid is Jason Willey

Jason Willey – guitars, synths, programming, sound design, all composition and production

Other  vital human components include:

Matt Willey – Acoustic drums and Website

Chris D’ambrosio – Inspiration and additional Synths on “Orbital Shred Station”

Cristina Alvarez – Support and Inspiration

Edi Reyes – Album Art

Greg Platt – Website motion graphics and VFX

ProtoShredanoid is also the lead guitarist for the band Pentakill and teaches private lessons over Skype.