Stardate: 2014.150

Greetings. Welcome to the new ProtoShredanoid website. We will be adding content over the next few weeks as the site develops. Please stay tuned for updates on Tabs, lessons, and everything Proto related. In the meantime feel free to check out the album previews from the “InstruMetals From Outer Space” full length album due out June 3rd.
InstruMetals From Outer Space

Also check out ProtoShredanoid’s guitar work in the band Pentakill

Pentakill – Lightbringer


  1. Karl Barta says:

    Jay, this is awesome stuff. Best of luck with your future work.

  2. BS in Astro + Headbanger says:

    Your albums have been apart of my life for years now. Anticipating every new track that comes my way. Hopefully soon..

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